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What is Custom Rigid Box, Importance, and What Makes it Unique?

Many consumers are worried about the packaging of their high-end, luxurious items. They are looking for custom packaging that guards their products from damage. Hold on!!! Let’s make this journey more interesting with a quick question. I am dropping a Question here.

Let me know, according to you, which eco-friendly material is best for such items. You can tell me via Comments. Now, I am telling you about a perfect solution that can give you peace of mind and become a number one choice.

There are many packaging box materials in the market, but compared to the other kinds of boxes, custom rigid boxes are perfect for packing luxury items. Whether you are a startup or an established business, rigid printed packaging boxes assist brands in gaining popularity in the market.

According to Global Market Insights Inc.: “Rigid Packaging Market size was valued at around USD 211 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% between 2023 and 2032.”

These are the game changer boxes that have resolved the worries of many brands for example electronics, cosmetics, healthcare, and more. In this blog, we will go through the rigid box details, its importance, advantages, and some elements that make it unique from the rest.

Importance of Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes – You Need to Know

There are many reasons why you have rigid packaging boxes for your brand. Some of the compelling reasons are listed here:

Proper Protection of the Products

Rigid materials are highly durable, and protect the products from damage. It reduces the risks of any loss during the shipment process and storage.

Promotion of the Brand

Astounding printing and graphics on the custom rigid boxes USA help the brands in gaining promotion. The logo on the box gives a charming feel, attracts the consumers, and assists them in getting sales.


Make your box tamper-resistant, so that it stays longer. Add features like seals and adhesive tapes to ensure product integrity.

Types of Custom Rigid Box Packaging – Opt Which is Good for You

There is a possibility you have heard about the types of custom rigid boxes. Businessmen can customize the box according to their own needs depending on their products.

“Impress the Clientele with a unique variety of rigid boxes, and allure them.”

Now, you will know about the different types and can pick one that suits you.

Hinged Lid Boxes

Hinged lid box designs are unique, stylish and showcase products elegantly. In this box style lid remains attached to the base, making the opening and closing mechanisms smooth. But in some cases, it can not be attached to the base. Depends upon the brands and their product requirements.

It is a perfect match for packing gifts. Pack your luxury gifts by making them more attractive. Simple, we can say that hinged lid boxes are ideal for gift packaging. It gives a delightful feel and a beautiful user experience. These boxes are more sturdy and can be reused for decoration and storage purposes.

Drawer Boxes

Here, we come again with another unique style of the box. Its style is like a matchbox. Drawer boxes‘ looks can be increased by attaching a ribbon.

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are strong and give high-class protection to the products. Its top is attractive. Magnetic closure rigid boxes have a pair of magnets in their structure. A friendly storage solution!

Custom 2 Piece Box

Are you finding ways to appeal to the customers? In this case, a custom 2 piece box is an ideal choice. It gives an opulent touch to all your marvelous products. These well-designed boxes give the retail packaging an appealing look.

Book Boxes

Book boxes give an easy opening and closing mechanism, just like a book. These eco friendly boxes are mostly used for clothing and edibles. You can also customize rigid book sleeves for a more memorable experience.

Give a Unique Look to Your Customized Rigid Boxes

Do you want a perfect box? I guess YES!!! Make your box look peculiar from the rest with a custom solution.

Facility of Customization

Kindly answer a question, whoever doesn’t want a custom solution. Do you want to? Everyone wants to have it. You can look for several custom facilities starting from a selection of different materials like cardboard, corrugated, rigid, and Kraft to printing, coatings, and embellishments.

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 Audience choices vary according to their interests and what is happening in the industry. They want to have only those packaging that is in trend and fulfills their needs. By seeing this, you can customize a unique style and shape like window boxes, round boxes, and custom 2 piece boxes. Use bright colors that resonate with the buyer’s taste. Some brands use earthy colors, green color shows they are following the going green mechanism.

Packaging Should Communicate with the Buyers

Information on the custom printed rigid boxes changes the buying decision of the buyers. Customers love to read and see the product details. Make your brand more professional by highlighting the necessary details on the packaging. It makes your brand more successful and you can see your brand on the horizon of popularity. Make your packaging communicative to the buyers.

Inserts – Add a Protective Layers

If you are searching for an unforgettable, and amazing unboxing experience. Uh-huh, Right! Inserts are the best approach to use in custom rigid box packaging. Custom packaging inserts assist the brands to keep their products in their place by protecting them from damage. These custom inserts come in:

  • Corrugated
  • Foam
  • Molded pulp
  • Paperboard

Benefits of Using Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes

Custom printed rigid boxes give numerous benefits to the brands. In terms of grabbing customers, making them loyal clients, increasing sales, and making the brand the apple of the eye by giving quality rigid packaging for example custom product boxes, custom folding cartons, presentation boxes, custom sleeve boxes, shoulder boxes, custom phone case boxes, custom collapsible boxes, custom luxury boxes, and promotional boxes. Right now it’s a great time to know the benefits of custom rigid box packaging included:

Versatile Packaging Solution

Surprise your buyers with this amazing quality rigid box. Everyone loves surprises, they like to have versatile solutions that cater to almost all the product packaging they need. The impressive designs for example snap lock boxes, reverse tuck boxes, straight tuck boxes, and auto lock boxes make the clientele happy.

Custom rigid boxes wholesale are affordable. Businessmen can get custom rigid packaging boxes at wholesale and SAVE BIG! On large orders, brands can Enjoy the Special Savings.

Apart from this, seasonal promotional activity for any occasion e.g. discounts, special offers, and limited edition items can generate high profit.

Marketing of Your Brand

Do you want to “Market” your brand, so that everyone comes to know about your brand? Then let’s get going! Try to figure out how you can do this so every passerby notices it. With custom printed logos brands become noticeable. Specially used color schemes make the logo look outstanding and make the consumers happy. You can do branding with printing and finish choices including:

  • Hot stamping
  • Coatings
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Decorative elements e.g ribbons, handles, or more

Durability Factor

To win the clientele’s heart, numerous brands are finding an effective and durable solution. Therefore, custom packaging boxes are delivered to the customer’s home in pristine condition. Your solution to this problem lies in the quality of rigid box packaging. It protects the items for an extended longer duration. This Resilient Box decreases the chances of the breakdown of products that can cause, because of shocks and bumps.

Real-World Applications of Rigid Box

Explore some applications of custom rigid packaging e.g., supplement boxes, medicine boxes, and confectionery packaging how they are differentiating their brands, taking benefits from them, and boosting sales. Some of the important applications are listed here. So, Let’s go on!!!

  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Confectionery
  • Medical Supplies

Custom Rigid Box – An Amazing Case Study

There are many success stories available that are now becoming popular and getting fame in the world. I will tell a brand case study that has found the best packaging supplier in the USA, and now they are on the journey of success.

Apparel Boxes for Earth Thread

Earth Thread needed impressive apparel boxes for their luxury apparel. They trusted apparel boxes because of their decent and unique designs. It has helped the brand in reflecting their brand identity. Their elegant printing has assisted the brand to gain more success and a good profit.

If you want to see numerous positive impacts on your brand in terms of fame and sales. Contact a reputable brand. BoxLark is a top-notch brand that provides custom packaging services.

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    Finishing Remarks!

    In a nutshell, rigid packaging gives a wonderful look to the products and protects the precious items from any harm. These features make the brand more favorite to the customers. Increase your brand credibility with rigid customized packaging boxes in the market.

    BoxLark is the best custom rigid box manufacturer that is dedicated to fulfilling all its responsibilities. A one who provides reliable custom packaging solutions. All you need is just to decide what your requirements are and what you want.

    Call BoxLark at (+1 347 480 2020) or Mail them at A reliable partner for your rigid packaging. Don’t hesitate to get an instant quote today!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is an example of a rigid box?

    The shoes you wear are packed in a rigid box. Other fantastic examples are iPhones, electronics, beauty products, and board games, these are also packed in customized rigid boxes.

    Can embellishments like ribbons be added to a 2 piece rigid box? 

    Yes, surely it can be adorned with ribbons of bright colors. On the other hand, handles can also be added that give ease to the shoppers.

    Is a custom collapsible rigid box environmentally friendly?

    Yes, custom collapsible rigid boxes can be made with recyclable materials depending upon the product’s need.

    Can rigid boxes be used for seasonal promotions?

    Yes, these boxes can be used for seasonal promotions by printing the company’s logo. It can also be used for special occasions.

    Do you customize magnetic rigid boxes?

    Yes, definitely BoxLark customized magnetic rigid boxes for your luxury items.

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