General Questions


CMYK colors consist of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black which we call a Key color to create any shade. CMYK colors are considered ink colors. The printers use CMYK colors combining with Black. For that, a schema is developed that helps create images and print anything by making four different plates of these colors in a required combination.


PMS or Pantone Matching System is slightly different from CMYK. It is because using PMS means mixing CMYK colors before implementing them on the surface. Therefore, the experts call it a pure color that is actually in that particular shade, which is required. The most critical difference is the number of a unique hue, and you can reproduce the same color with this number.

At Box Lark, we offer all types of packaging products that you need as per your and your product’s requirements.

Yes, we provide free samples on demand.

First of all, we discuss artwork, designing, printing, and additional features that you require. After that, we finalize pricing. When you approve everything, the production process starts. The next step is shipping and delivering your order to your doorstep.

Our customer support team is always available to discuss your concerns. If you need to discuss your issues at the technical level, our designers and printers can coordinate with you during office hours.

Eco-friendly materials are those that can be reused, recycled, and beneficial for our environment. Yes, we prefer using eco-friendly materials because we also contribute towards a better environment for our generations.

SBS stands for Solid Bleached Sulfate. It is a type of material, and we use it in the packaging industry at a broader level, especially in preparing food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Prepress means the processes, which are involved in a publication before sending the final result into printing. The following steps are involved in prepress:

Giving input and correcting it

Providing integrity and print-readiness check to the input

Creating layout and prepress

Correcting layout

Coloring test

Preparing layout before sending for the printing

Checking layout at the end of the designer

Checking layout at the end of the proofreader

The following things must be in your mind before choosing a packaging solution for your retail products:

  • Branding strategy
  • Production and Time
  • Making your product a star in the market
  • Practical implementation of ideas in packaging
  • Product Protection must be the priority
  • Customer attention
  • Triggering emotional response

It means a final, proper, and approved layout according to the customer before sending it to the production in the packaging industry.

Yes, it is a plus of Box Lark that all our orders are custom orders.


Yes, Box Lark offers exclusive discounts against all packaging orders if you order a large quantity.

Yes, there is a slight difference, but it does not affect the prices largely.

When a business offers incentives or encourages the buyers to purchase multiple units of particular goods, the discounts offered against these purchases are called volume discounts.
The discount is automatically applied to volume pricing.

Yes, Box Lark also facilitates resellers in numerous ways. For details, you can coordinate with our customer support executives.

Yes, choices can affect pricing.

Generally, when you ask for additional finishing options, it can affect the price. Conversely, bulk orders can help you enjoy huge discounts.


Yes, you can. Please call our customer support executive for an instant price quote.

At Box Lark, we have no minimums. However, the price gets better if you order at least 100 boxes.

No, there is no maximum order quantity.

Currently, we accept payments from VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, ACH, and Bank transfers.

Currently, we accept payments only in US dollars.

Yes, PayPal is one of the payment methods that we use.

Yes, we accept credit card payments.

Unfortunately, we work only when you pay all the payments in advance. It means that we start working on orders only when we receive upfront payments.

After placing the order, our designing team prepares a template with the required artwork. When you approve this template, the order is sent to production.

Yes, you can change the order quantity after placing an order. However, the prices can change. Our support team will help you regarding that.


We use Offset, Digital, and Silkscreen printing techniques to prepare your packaging orders.

Digital Printing

Using digital printing technology means the direct application of designs on the printing surface. It means that no mechanical work, no plates, and delays. Generally, powdered toner or liquid ink is used in this technique.

Offset Printing

Offset printing means transferring ink to the rubber sheet from particular plates, which helps derive colors. After that, these rubber sheets are rolled onto paper. In this way, ink is placed on the papers to produce the required results.

Process Colors

Process colors are also called process CMYK colors. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key color, black, are included in these colors. With the combination of the first three colors, the required shade is developed. The key color is used to dark the shades. In printing, it is necessary to prepare a separate color plate of these four colors according to your requirement. After that, we need a specific amount of pigment to print on packaging boxes.

PMS colors

The only thing that makes Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors from CMYK is that in this technique, all four colors are mixed before implementing on the surface. In this way, reproduction of the same hue becomes possible. It is because unique hue number of a specific color that can be regenerated.

No, it is not possible. It is because, on screens, there are RGB colors. On the other hand, printed colors on the surface are CMYK colors. Therefore, no one can claim that the color of the boxes matches the color on the screen.

Yes, in reordering the same packaging box, the same colors will be implemented.


Yes, we are custom manufacturers that is why we can print any design or artwork you need on the boxes.

We require layered or editable CDR, AI, or PSD files if you want to send your artwork.

No, Box Lark prepares the final file for printing by itself. You only need to give us approval.

Our support team will help you with that.

Yes, you can change your artwork before sending your order to the production department.

Bleed is that particular section on the paper from where artwork is cut. Generally, white borders do not look good and show unprofessionalism on the part of printers. Therefore, we print the designs by crossing the margin from where the paper will be cut. In this way, you can get a nice, clean, and cut-off point.

Definitely yes, we are ready to help you design artwork according to your requirements. More importantly, these services are for free if you confirm the order.

Yes, you can order multiple versions of the artwork on the same boxes. However, you need to discuss pricing before finalizing the order.

Finishing Options

Spot UV or UV coating is a shiny coating, and Box Lark recommends it when you want to add eye-catching contrast to amaze your customers. Generally, Spot UV makes certain areas shinny so it pops out more.


Sometimes, you need to raise your logo. For that, embossing is recommended. It helps you create a 3D graphic by pushing a metal die from underneath on the paper or any other packaging material.


Debossing works oppositely. With it, we create an indent in the material by using the same technique

Yes, Box Lark offers glossy and matte finishing to enhance the look of your packaging boxes.

Yes, at Box Lark, all these finishing options are available to make your boxes as you expect from Box Lark.

Digital Proofs

Digital proof is generally a mockup of your packaging box with all the printing and finishing options. Technically, it is a layout of your box on the screen and the same will be used to produce your boxes.

Yes, we offer free digital proofs. You can also order a physical sample for a price.

We send you digital proof that looks the same as the packaging boxes will be after completion. You can also order a physical sample for a price.

Turnaround Time

Generally, we deliver your orders at your doorstep within 7-12 days after receiving your order.

We can deliver rush orders within 3-5 days after approval.

We take only three to five days in delivering your order to your doorstep. However, it is possible only after your approval as delays in approval mean a delay in delivery.

Yes, we are specialized rush service providers.

NO, there are no extra charges as we are committed to delivering all your orders for FREE anywhere globally.


Your orders will be flat-shipped to ensure that the shape of these packaging boxes remains intact and original.

We use DHL and FedEx for shipping worldwide orders.

Not at all as we offer FREE SHIPPING to all our valuable customers.

Yes, we deliver all your orders everywhere in the world without bothering much about the destinations.

We provide you tracking number, and you can track your order by giving these tracking numbers on DHL or FedEx websites.

We send you an email to your mentioned address after shipping your order. We also send tracking numbers to you to keep tracking your order.

Yes, we ship your orders everywhere in the world.

Refunds and Returns

Yes, you can cancel, but only if you have done it before sending the order to the production house.

In this case, we can replace damaged boxes with new ones. Here, we need to mention that refund is not possible in any case.

We make boxes after getting your final approval. So, if the quality of the boxes is below our commitment, we can replace the boxes with new ones but there will not be refund of it.

If the material, printing, shape, and finishing as per the final approval but you find these boxes not fit according t you, we cannot help you here.

You only need to send us the proof that your boxes are damaged. We ensure you that the replaced boxes will be delivered as per the commitment in the shortest period.