Custom PR Boxes

In the digital age, standing out is essential. For that reason, BoxLark’s (BL LLC) custom PR boxes are designed to get your brand noticed. Our boxes are perfect for influencers and social stars. Also, these media outreach boxes are customizable with logos and extras for a memorable unboxing experience. They’re also available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, with quality printing and finishes that enhance your brand’s image. Thus, surprise your customers with unique inserts and creative designs that make an impression. So, hurry up and contact us at (+1 347 480 2020)  or for up to 30% off on all custom orders, and let’s create wholesale publicity packaging that’s as remarkable as your promotional merchandise brand.

DimensionsAvailable in all Custom Sizes
PrintingCMYK, PMS, Without printing
Paper Stock10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb)(250gsm to 600gsm) Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated and Flute Stock
Quantities100 - 500,000
CoatingSemi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV
Default ProcessDie Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating
OptionsWindow Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink
ProofDigital Proof, 3D Mock-up
Turn Around Time6-8 Business Days
ShippingShipped Flat, Free Shipping
InquiriesFor further inquiries and Quotes contact us at +1 (347) 480-2020 or email to


“Captivate Your Audience and Create Lasting Impressions with our Innovative Publicity Boxes”

Are You Curious to Know What PR Boxes Are?

PR boxes are also called “Public Relation Boxes.” This type of influencer product packaging is the go-to strategy for brands to connect with their audience. These aren’t your average boxes. In Fact, they’re personalized publicity packages sent to social-media influencers and journalists to showcase new products like smartphones, beauty kits, gourmet treats, and more.

They’re also used for special advertisements, like introducing limited-edition products, such as sneakers or signature perfumes. The customized design of the box itself tells the brand’s story, making sure it sticks in people’s minds. Hence, it’s a simple yet clever way to build connections and get everyone talking about your products.

Taking A Fresh Take on Brand Promotion with Premium Custom PR Boxes

Branding has come a long way from the days of costly TV ads and billboards. Today, businesses are getting smarter with their advertising dollars, and now it’s all about the personal touch. Companies are now reaching out to influencers, sending them products in personalized PR boxes that capture the eye and the imagination. These influencers then share their experiences online, showing off the products to their followers. This strategy is not just cost-effective, it’s also a way to build trust and turn casual viewers into lifelong fans.

But, with influencers receiving so many packages, yours needs to stand out. That’s where Boxlark (BL LLC) comes in. We create custom PR boxes that are more than just ordinary parcels. You can say that they’re impressive marketing tools for modern product brands. With a hot-stamped logo and catchy taglines, these individualized boxes tell your product’s story and set you apart from the crowd. Thus, we create unique boxes that spark stories, turning every unboxing into a journey that captivates and converts viewers into devoted customers.

“Simplifying Brand Success with BoxLark’s PR Boxes – The Heart of Influencer Marketing”

Effortlessly Design Your Customized PR Packaging with Our Expert Guidance

Are you thinking of making marketing collateral boxes but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! You can design them online quickly and easily, even if you’re new to this. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Moreover, at our company, you have the freedom to choose every detail for your personalized PR boxes. You can select the shape, size, and colors. You can also decide if you want to add your logo, special inserts, or various printing details. Additionally, if you prefer simplicity, you can opt for plain boxes without any extra features. It’s all up to your preference.

Plus, you’ll get to see a live preview of your design to ensure it looks just right. Also, if you need a hand or have questions, our customer service is ready to help with free design advice.  We design these innovative custom packaging boxes to captivate and excite anyone who receives them, perfectly tailored to your campaign’s needs and audience’s tastes.

Besides, you can include product samples, limited editions, brochures, or personal notes to impact these boxes and draw customers to these PR kit packaging boxes. More than simple boxes, these are manufactured to give you experiences that elevate your brand’s image and unforgettably convey your story. And if you’re looking for something ongoing, ask about our printed subscription box service too!

Creative Printing Techniques: Upgrade Your Online Business with Printed Publicity Boxes

Make a lasting impression with our custom printed PR boxes, perfect for showcasing your brand. Using the latest CMYK and PMS color printing technologies, we create crisp, vibrant packaging that demands attention. Additionally, our press release kits are not just for limited basic retail packaging items, besides they’re ideal for many promotional and other marketing items or gifts you want to send and gain reviews from customers.

Furthermore, with options like offset and digital printing process, we ensure your products pop off the shelf by generating sales to your brands. Plus, our colorful presentation boxes with themes and inserts add that extra touch of class for special gifts. So, join our team to make your brand unforgettable with public relation packaging that speaks volumes.

“Wrap Your Product Brand in Wow with Our Public Relations Gift Boxes”

We Design in Detail: Advanced Features of Our Promotional Boxes

Our printed PR box finishes are the final touch in presenting your brand. We offer lamination for lasting beauty and hot stamping for a touch of luxury. Additionally, our gloss finish adds a radiant shine, while holographic foiling creates a mesmerizing effect. We also offer embossing/ debossing offer for your printed packaging boxes. While, eco-friendly aqueous coatings provide a choice of gloss or matte, and UV coatings give a durable gleam.

Moreover, for a focused shine on your luxury press release boxes, we provide spot gloss UV, and soft touch coatings add a luxurious feel. Subsequently, we have varnish options that enhance with a glossy, satin, or matte look and durable lamination protects. Furthermore, our anti-scratch option keeps your promotional swag boxes pristine. Lastly, soft touch coating offers an indulgent, satin finish. Thus, enhance your market’s image with our premium embellished box features.

The Spotlight Unboxing: Our Prime Media Outreach Boxes for Viral Moments of Social Stars

Unboxing videos are a hit! They’re not just fun to watch, besides they’re a smart way to make your brand a favorite with latest box fashions. So, why not pack your products in our stylish PR boxes that are all about style and security? Here’s what we offer:

Hinged Lid Boxes:

Perfect for lip gloss and other cosmetic products, these flip-top boxes open with a cool lid-pull that’s totally enchanting.

Drawer Boxes:

Slide open a stylish drawer box and surprise! It’s a great way to present new clothing lines.

Two-Piece Boxes:

Lifting the lid off these dual-piece boxes is an experience in itself, ideal for showcasing face oils, serums, and other luxury products.

Roll-End Boxes:

These fold-end boxes are both good-looking and sturdy, just right for keeping your food treats and other presentation items safe.

Custom Magnetic Boxes:

These deluxe magnet-lock boxes feature magnets that click shut, adding a dash of drama to the unboxing of products like branded watches and perfumes.

Luxury Boxes:

When you really want to impress, these luxury boxes are the way to go.

Thus, we create each style to make the boxes of your product the star and leave a lasting impression. So, let’s make your brand the one everyone talks about!

“Maximize your Reach, and Amplify Your Message with Our Expertly Designed PR Boxes.”

Choose the Perfect Packaging Material for Your Influencer Boxes

For your eco-friendly PR packaging needs, we offer a variety of top-quality materials. Our selection includes cardboard boxes, corrugated covering, rigid packaging, and kraft enclosures. Cardboard is versatile and cost-effective, ideal for a wide range of products. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is extra strong, perfect for protecting delicate or heavy items during shipping.

Meanwhile, rigid boards, or chipboards, add a touch of luxury and are excellent for high-end products sent in brand awareness kits. And, kraft boxes offers an eco-friendly option with a natural look. So, pick the material that best suits your custom eco-friendly boxes and brand style to make a memorable impression.

Economical and Eco-Friendly PR Gift Packs Solutions

Elevate your gift sets with our promotional packs, designed for retail and crafted to fit your budget. We specialize in cost-effective PR gift boxes that are perfect for large-scale production. Furthermore, choose from promotional boxes or die-punched interiors for secure product placement without needing foam.

Besides, we offer flat-pack presentation box designs that minimize space and reduce shipping costs for added savings and environmental benefits. Moreover, our packaging options, including sustainable gift packaging and printed PR mailer boxes, ensure your products stand out and reach their destination safely.

Wave Goodbye to Shipping Costs

Were you tired of extra delivery fees? Well, they’re a thing of the past with our free shipping offer in the USA! It’s like hitting the jackpot when you order your customized publicity boxes. No more shipping costs means more savings for you. And when you see that ‘Free Delivery’ label at checkout, you’ll feel like the luckiest person.

So, we’re excited to bring our stylish PR corporate boxes wholesale design straight to your door with no extra delivery charges on any custom orders. Also, when will you get your premium package? Our standard delivery is 8-10 days, but if you’re in a rush, we’ll speed things up with our 4-6 days in quick packaging option according to your need. Don’t ponder too much; we promise a hassle-free experience and always deliver – literally!

Seal the Deal with BL LLC’s Eye-Catching PR Box Solution For Your Business Outreach!

In the occupied world of social media, brands are getting smart. They’re reaching out to the masses by sending advertising material packages to trendsetters on YouTube and Instagram. Therefore, when these influencers get a parcel that stands out, they can’t help but share it with their fans. That’s where BL LLC shines. We don’t make boring boxes. In fact, we design captivating media outreach boxes with wholesale or subscriptions service  that grab attention with high-quality prints, sleek finishes, and luxurious laminations and take your merchandise business to next level branding . Thus, it’s time to wrap up your search for the perfect custom PR box. So, give us a ring at (+1 347 480 2020) or shoot an email to for finding amazing deals and discounts on customized orders. Therefore, let’s work together and create unique box packaging solutions that are as impressive as your brand deserves.

“Inspire Brand Awareness and Promote Engagement with BL LLC’s Thoughtfully Designed PR Packaging.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s a PR box?

A custom PR box is a gift package filled with products to showcase a brand to people.

Why use Public Relation boxes?

Brands use PR packaging to introduce new products and create excitement.

What’s in a Publicity packaging?

PR packing can have samples, branded items, or collections that tell a brand’s story.

Do Press release boxes help with brand recognition?

Yes, well-made pubic relation boxes can attract customers and boost brand popularity.

How big is a PR box?

A typical PR presentation box size is 10″x6″x4″, fitting several items plus a thank you card.

How do you design a Custom PR boxes?

Design a personalized PR box with the contents, recipient, and brand message in mind.

Why are wholesale PR boxes important?

Media outreach boxes are key for marketing, helping brands reach their audience and increase sales.

Why choose Boxlark for your customized PR boxes?

Choose Boxlark for custom PR boxes that are as innovative and memorable as your brand itself.


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