Custom Waffle Boxes

Choosing custom waffle boxes that fit your product and brand is a smart move. At BoxLark, we make eye-catching personalized waffle packaging that customers will remember. Moreover, our innovative and stylish packaging is perfect for any spot that serves up tasty treats like waffles, crêpes, bagels, and churros. In that way, we’re here to help your brand shine with unique boxes. So, working together, we make sure you’re happy and getting great value with our premium box packaging. Plus, at our enterprise, we’ve got a special deal right no, that saves up to 30% on your all custom orders. Then,  don’t wait! Reach out to us for a free quote and sample. Just email or visit our website. Let’s make your brand stand out with our company’s chic packaging!

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    DimensionsAvailable in all Custom Sizes
    PrintingCMYK, PMS, Without printing
    Paper Stock10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb)(250gsm to 600gsm) Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated and Flute Stock
    Quantities100 - 500,000
    CoatingSemi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV
    Default ProcessDie Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating
    OptionsWindow Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink
    ProofDigital Proof, 3D Mock-up
    Turn Around Time6-8 Business Days
    ShippingShipped Flat, Free Shipping
    InquiriesFor further inquiries and Quotes contact us at +1 (347) 480-2020 or email to


    “Taste the Past, Embrace the Future: Chic Waffle Boxes with a Twist of Today!”

    Elevate Your Waffle Sales with Custom Waffle Boxes Solutions

    In the food business, how you present your product can make all the difference. So do you want to see your waffle sales soar and win over food lovers? Then, custom packaging boxes are the way to go.  And you know what, the premium box enterprise in the market, named Boxlark is all about creating personalized food packaging that’s as unique as your brand. Thus, our stylish and sturdy waffle packaging boxes keep your waffles safe from the outside world and look great.

    Additionally, they’re made with top-notch sustainable materials that keep everything fresh. Furthermore, satisfied customers are more likely to return for more. So for custom waffle boxes that really show off what your baked goods brand is all about, thus our innovative packaging company got you covered. Certainly, your waffles will be the talk of the town with us!

    Create Your Customized Waffle Packaging with Ease

    Looking for top-notch packaging for your tasty waffle grid cakes? We’ve got you covered! Our special personalized waffle boxes keep your goodies fresh and looking great. Also, we’ve got all sorts of shapes and styles, all made with eco-friendly stuff. Besides, do you need help making your boxes look cool and unique? Our exceptional packaging pros are here to help for free! You can even put your logo and brand colors on the boxes to show off your unique style.

    Plus, they’re super easy to open, so your customers can enjoy their treats anywhere, anytime. And that’s not all, we also make awesome delights product packaging like bakery boxes and dessert boxes for other sweets and confectionery items, making sure your food franchise stands out. Absolutely! we ensure your brand shines with our exceptional packaging solutions, and we deliver them fast and free.

    Stand Out on the Shelf with Custom Printing for Waffle Boxes

    When it comes to showcasing your delectable waffles, the printing of the boxes is paramount. We offer top-notch printing methods tailored to your design and artwork. Choose from our offset printing or digital printing, ensuring vibrant colors that captivate attention. Hence, elevating the appeal further, we provide various color models, including PMS and CMYK, to boost your product sales of custom-printed waffle packaging.

    Furthermore, our printed packaging box features brand-appropriate color schemes, ensuring a memorable presence in the market. So, experiment with textures and materials, such as textured paper or matte finishes, to create depth. Add ribbons or bows for a festive touch on your waffle box packaging, perfect for special occasions. Apart from that, our additional services for printed pastry boxes, donut boxes, and cupcake boxes, elevate your bakery goods’ reputation with stylish designs, setting your brand apart in the market.

    “Indulge in Sweet Victory with Bespoke Waffle Boxes for Unboxing Delight!”

    Enhance Your Belgian Waffle Boxes with Protective Coatings

    At our company, we provide specialized coatings to optimize the performance of our printed waffle boxes. Our grease-resistant coatings keep oils and moisture away, ensuring the integrity of your packaging. In addition, with heat-resistant coatings, your boxes remain durable, especially important for warm waffles.

    Moreover, water-resistant coatings protect during transportation and storage, safeguarding against moisture damage. Besides, our UV coatings give a glossy finish, enhancing visual appeal and preventing fading. Besides, our anti-scratch coatings maintain box quality, ensuring your items in custom product boxes arrive in pristine condition.

    Our Sturdy Material Selection for Your Grid Cake Boxes

    As a seasoned box packaging supplier in the USA, our company offers unparalleled expertise. We put the power of design in your hands, ensuring that each box perfectly fits your product’s needs. Our custom wholesale packaging solutions, crafted with care for delicate waffles, come in a variety of sustainable materials like cardboard boxes, Kraft packing, bux board, and corrugated boxes.  You can select the thickness that suits your product’s needs and budget, from 12pt up to 24pt.

    Subsequently, our tailored packaging not only protects but also enhances your breakfast grid pancakes, whether they’re ready-made cones or frozen delights. And we don’t stop at waffles; our high-quality on-the-go food boxes like wholesale pizza boxes, creative pizza slice boxes, and bagel packaging will make your edible packages the talk of the town with their stylish designs. So, trust us to deliver eco-friendly and robust packaging solutions that make your brand stand out.

    Save Big with Bulk Waffle Box Orders

    Bulk ordering your waffle boxes isn’t just a money-saver; it also means you get awesome customization. We’re all about giving you the best waffle packaging wholesale that fits what you need. Our team’s got your back from the first design to the final product. Therefore, with our creative tech, we get your big orders done fast.

    Furthermore, you’ll get free design help and big discounts when you buy a lot, so you save more. Plus, check out our wholesale deals on Happy Meal boxes and Chinese takeout boxes. They’re made with top stuff and look great, making your baked goods brand look even better. So, upgrade your brand without busting your budget with our smart packaging deals.

    “Delight in Every Bite: Stylish Waffle Boxes of BoxLark Designed Just for You!”

    Go Green with Our eco-friendly bakery Boxes For blissful Treats

    Keep your waffles perfectly warm with our specially designed custom eco friendly boxes. They’re made to hold in the heat, so your customers always get a yummy, warm treat. We love our planet, so we make these eco-friendly waffle boxes from stuff that can be recycled.

    This way, you show your customers you’re all about being green. Plus, we’ve got more than just sustainable waffle packaging. Check out our green sweet treat packing for macaron boxes, cake boxes, and muffin boxes. They’re all about quality and style, making your baked goodies look as good as they taste. Therefore, go green with your packaging and watch your brand grow!

    Fast and Free Shipping for Your Custom Boxes

    In the busy world of food industries, we know you need your customized waffle boxes fast. That’s why we offer a speedy service that’s easy on your wallet. Our personalized boxes are perfect for your checkered cakes and more. Thus, we’ll get your budget-friendly packaging to you in 8 – 10 days, or even 4-6 days if you’re in a rush. And the best part? Shipping is free for all custom orders in the USA, and we ship worldwide too! So, you save time and money with us. Let’s get your orders rolling!

    Boost Your Waffle Game with Top-Notch Packaging

    Want to sell more waffles? Our custom waffle packaging boxes can help! We offer the best quality waffle packaging with safe shipping. Moreover, you’ll find lots of designs and styles to choose from. Every waffle is special, and Boxlark has all the sizes, looks, and designs you need for your shop and customers. Thence, our premium and low-cost packaging doesn’t just look good; it also helps you make more money by making your waffles stand out. Get in touch for a free quote and sample, with no extra fees. Check out our website, email, or give us a ring at (+1 347 480 2020) to kick things off. Take your waffle sales higher with our awesome packaging!

    “Profit from Every Box: Custom Waffle Packaging from BoxLark That Sells”

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are custom waffle boxes?

    Custom waffle boxes are special boxes made uniquely to hold waffles. They can be personalized with your brand’s logo and design.

    Why should I choose customized waffle boxes?

    Personalized waffle boxes not only keep your waffles safe but also help promote your brand. They add a personal touch to your brand packaging, making your waffles stand out.

    What materials are used for waffle boxes?

    Our tailored waffle box packaging is usually made from sturdy cardboard or eco-friendly materials to ensure your waffles stay fresh and secure.

    How does the customization process work?

    It’s easy! You can use our online design tool to upload your artwork, choose colors, and fonts, and preview your design before ordering. If you need help, our design team is here for you.

    How long does it take to get custom waffle boxes from Boxlark?

    We aim to deliver your custom waffle boxes within 8-10 days to ensure you get them swiftly for your business needs.

    What about the rush packaging for other Boxlark products?

    For our standard products, including custom waffle boxes, rush packaging takes only 4-6 days, ensuring quick turnaround times.

    Does Boxlark offer free and affordable delivery?

    Yes, Our custom waffle boxes are budget-friendly without compromising on quality or customization options with free and fast delivery.

    Is there a minimum order quantity for custom waffle boxes from Boxlark?

    Yes, our minimum order quantity for custom waffle boxes is 100 units to keep the process efficient and cost-effective.


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