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The Art of Selection: 9 Must-Consider Factors for Your Packaging Designer

Packaging is more than just wrapping your product in a box. It’s a powerful tool to communicate your brand identity, attract customers, and stand out from the competition. But how do you create a design that reflects your vision and values? How do you find an expert packaging designer who can bring your ideas to life?

In this blog post, I will share with you my personal experience of finding and selecting an exceptional designer for wrapping products of my brand. I will also share some tips, benefits, and the top nine factors to take into consideration to find the best packaging craftsperson for your business. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of what to look for when choosing packing makers. Let’s get started!

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is the process of creating a unique and tailored packaging design for your product. It involves choosing the right materials, shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, graphics, and other elements that suit your product and brand. Custom packaging boxes allow you to showcase your personality, creativity, and values through your packaging. It also helps you to differentiate yourself from other similar products in the market and create a memorable impression on your customers.

“Transform Your Products with Creative Packaging by Expert Designers”

DIY Packaging Vs Designer Packaging

You might be wondering: Why should I hire a specialist when I can do it myself? Well, there are some pros and cons of both options, and it depends on your budget, skills, and preferences.

DIY packaging:

DIY packaging means that you design and create your custom box using online tools, software, or templates. This can be a good option if you have a low budget, a simple product, or a creative flair. In addition, you can save money, have more control, and express your personal style.

Designer Packaging:

On the other hand, designer packaging means that you hire professional packaging constructors or agencies to design and create. This can be a better option if you have a higher budget, a complex product, or a specific vision. Additionally, you can access more options and quality, get expert advice and support, and save time and hassle.

Verifiable Facts

“According to a survey, 72% of consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing”. Therefore, designer packaging can help you create a custom packaging design that reflects your vision and values, attracts customers, and stands out from the competition.

So, how do you Decide which Option of Packaging is Best for You?

DIY packaging might be good for you if you have a tight budget and timeline, a simple and generic product and brand, and a high level of confidence and skill in box aesthetics. However, artist packaging might be better for you if you have a flexible budget and timeline, a complex and distinctive product and brand, and a low level of confidence and skill in custom printed box design. The choice is yours, but I would recommend hiring a casing designer like Boxlark if you want to create a customized box design that reflects your vision and values, attracts customers, and stands out from the competition.

The Benefits of Professional Packaging Design by a Talented Designer

As I mentioned earlier, packaging is more than just wrapping your product in a box. It’s a powerful tool to communicate your brand identity, attract customers, and stand out from the competition. That’s why hiring a professional creator can have many benefits for your business.

A professional packaging designer can help you:

  •  Understand your target market and their needs and preferences
  •  Define your brand personality and positioning
  •  Ensure your craft is functional, user-friendly, and eco-friendly
  •  Comply with industry standards and regulations
  •  Deliver your boxes on time and budget

By hiring a skilled illustrator, you can save time, money, and hassle, and create a packaging design that meets your goals and expectations.

9 Factors to Consider: How to Choose an Expert Packaging Designer

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a professional packaging executor, you might be wondering: How do I find and select one? Well, there are many factors to consider before hiring a parcel mastermind, and it can be a daunting task. But don’t worry; I’m here to help you. Based on my personal experience and knowledge, I have compiled a list of nine factors to consider when choosing a graphic stylist for your business. Here they are:

A BOMB Portfolio

One of the main things to look at when choosing a packaging designer is their portfolio. Their portfolio shows their past work and their skills, style, and experience. Moreover, they can help you judge their quality and creativity and whether they can meet your needs and preferences. But you also need to look deeper and see if their style fits what you want. A good label artist can work with different kinds of brands, but they may also have a special or niche style that suits your product and brand better. For example, if you want a modern and minimalist packaging design for a custom packaging boxes wholesale service, you may want to look for a designer who has a lot of experience and expertise in that style. Or, if you want a blueprint that has a lot of interactive and playful elements, you may want to look for a developer who has a lot of fun and quirky designs in their portfolio.

See our portfolio here for amazing and unique printed packaging designs!

A Clear Understanding of Information that Goes on the Packaging

Another thing to look at when choosing a packaging master is their knowledge and expertise about the information on the packaging. A good encasement technician should help you decide what information to include or exclude and how to display it simply, and attractively. They should also follow the industry rules and standards for your products and parcels. For example, for food packaging, you may want a designer who knows about food labeling and follows the FDA guidelines. They should also help you choose the right material, shape, and size for your custom food boxes. One example of a clear and effective food box conception is the bakery boxes and custom dessert boxes. They have a nice design and show the product and brand information. They also inform and educate the customers, creating trust and loyalty.

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Offer Intuitive Customer Services

Customer service is a key factor to consider when choosing an expert designer. It affects how they communicate and collaborate with you throughout the project. A good draftsperson should provide excellent customer service, such as being responsive, proactive, attentive, flexible, timely, and reliable. Your packaging framework relies on teamwork and support, so you should evaluate it before selecting your sleeve partner.

For instance, Boxlark is a leading custom box design company that offers good customer service. They work with various businesses and industries and have a team of skilled and friendly packaging makers who can assist you with your packaging needs. Namely, for a beverage brand, artists can design and create custom glass bottle shipping boxes with different sizes, such as 1 oz, 2 oz, 100 ml, or 200ml bottle boxes, based on your product and preference. They can also help you choose the right material and size for your glass bottle packaging.

Connection with Printers

Another thing to think about when choosing a proficient designer is their connection and collaboration with printers and manufacturers. They are the ones who make and deliver your physical packaging, using the right materials, techniques, and equipment. A good packaging fabricator should work well with printers and manufacturers, making sure the production and delivery process is smooth and seamless. Besides, by choosing an image maker who works well with printers and manufacturers, you can save time, money, and hassle, and ensure a high-quality and consistent insulation outcome. For example, for custom vape packaging, you can choose a designer who can communicate with printers and help you design and create discreet packaging vape and disposable vape packaging with logos, taglines, and graphics. They can also help you pick the right shape and size for your vape packaging, making sure it works and is safe.

Originality and Creativity

The fifth factor to consider when choosing a craftsmanship expert is their originality and creativity. Packaging design is not only about following the trends and copying what others are doing; it’s also about creating something unique and distinctive that reflects your product and brand. A good packaging engineer should be able to create a covering design that shows your personality, values, and uniqueness, helps you stand out from the crowd, and attracts your ideal customers. For example, for cosmetic packaging, you can choose a planner who can help you design and create boxes that showcase the beauty and glamour of your makeup products, such as custom makeup boxes, serum packaging boxes, and eyeshadow boxes. They can also help you pick the right material, color, shape, and size for your boxes, making sure they work and last. Furthermore, these boxes have a unique and distinctive design that reflects the purpose and mission of your cosmetic product, making them original and creative.

High-Quality Work and Feedback

Quality and feedback are crucial sixth factor to consider when choosing an art director. They can affect how well your carton design works. A good packaging designer should give you high-quality work and feedback. They should work with a personalized design company that works with different businesses and industries. They should have a team of expert and professional packaging producers who make original, effective, and attractive designs. Besides, they should use high-quality materials, techniques, and equipment. They should give you clear and constructive feedback and suggestions. For example, for retail packaging, the designers should make custom apparel boxes, game boxes, and custom tissue packaging boxes. Moreover, they should give you feedback on how to improve your design, such as adding logos, taglines, or graphics. And for gift box packaging, the visualizer should give you advice on Christmas boxes, invitation boxes, and luxury boxes. They can also help you design and create custom gift boxes that show your personality and emotions.

Experience and Expertise

The seventh factor to consider is the experience and expertise of the packaging animator. Experience and expertise are two important indicators of the quality and reliability of the design guru. By choosing a printed packaging box curator who has experience and expertise, you can ensure a professional and trustworthy wholesale box design service. Furthermore, by hiring an experienced company, you can access a team of experienced and expert drafting specialists who can provide you with high-quality and professional preliminary models.

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are vital factors to consider when choosing an accomplished designer. They are the feedback and opinions of the people who have used the packaging designer’s service before. Moreover, they can help you know the quality and satisfaction of the packaging designer’s service. You should choose a packaging designer who has many positive testimonials and reviews, so you can be sure of a high-quality and satisfying packaging design service. For example, there are some  top customized packaging design firms that has many happy and loyal clients who have given them good feedback and ratings. Besides, you can see some of their testimonials and reviews here and what their clients say about their service. They have helped many supplement brands in the medicine sector to design and create custom supplement boxes that show their product and brands with good ratings.

Cost and Value

The ninth and final factor to consider is the cost and value of the packaging designer. When choosing a packaging designer, think about the cost and value of their service. Look for a stylist who charges a fair and clear price, and gives you a good and rewarding design service. Therefore, choose a talented specialist who can adjust their price to your budget and needs. Pick an architect who can give you a good and useful design service, based on their quality, creativity, and results. Also, ask for a clear and measurable design service, based on your goals and outcomes. For example, they can make custom POP display boxes for your products, to show them better in shops and increase your sales by making the display packaging nice and helpful. Make sure your choice offers a balance of good price and good value for a successful packaging design.

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    Final Thoughts

    Choosing an expert designer can be a difficult and important decision for your business. You want to find a packaging designer who can create a custom packaging design that reflects your vision and values, attracts customers, and stands out from the competition. You also want to find an artist who can provide you with a high-quality and satisfying service, meeting your expectations and deadlines with precision. That’s why I recommend choosing Boxlark for your packaging design needs. It is a leading custom printed wholesale packaging organization that offers a wide range of design services for different products and industries. Moreover, I have personally experienced the benefits and advantages of hiring this company for my packaging design needs, and I can say that they are the best in the business.

    Don’t wait any longer; choose Boxlark for your box styling needs and see the difference they can make for your product and brand by calling (+1 347 480 2020). You can also email us at Get your quote now!

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    Access expert designers, and diverse packaging options with saving time and money.

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