Custom Vape Packaging

We offer custom vape boxes made with high-quality stock that is durable enough to face the challenges of e-commerce. Our customized printing options are sure to give your boxes a unique look and make them stand out from the rest. Moreover, we have a vast catalog of designs that can be customized according to your specific requirements and preferences.

Crafting Excellence: Personalized Vaping Solutions with Custom Vape Boxes from BoxLark

Although e-cigarettes have been in trend for quite a long time now, with the sudden boom in the CBD industry, vaping has become the hottest craze. There are several reasons why vaping is increasingly becoming popular. It is not just an addiction, rather, the e-cigarettes with vape cartridges have become a style statement for many. It is considered a symbol of style in itself.

Moreover, those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction also rely on e-cigarettes with vape cartridges offered in different flavors. These can carry a blend of herbal flavors like lemon grass, mint, hemp, etc. Besides, these can also have varying concentrations of nicotine which can be used to gradually reduce nicotine dependency. Besides, the e-cigarette cigarettes which are free from nicotine have an edge over the conventional cigarettes that the former can even be vaped at public places where smoking is not allowed.

Another reason why some people prefer electronic cigarettes over conventional ones is that electronic cigarettes are comparatively economical. The e-cigarette bought once can be recharged over and over again. You just need to spend on the vape cartridges.

All you need to do is to replace the empty cartridge with a new one of your choice. Moreover, these cartridges give you the liberty to choose between a huge variety of flavors and strengths. So, vaping in short is all about vape cartridges. These are sold separately with alluring vape boxes keeping in view the style consciousness of the consumer. These boxes are designed and printed in a way that they radiate a premium look and reflect professionalism.

Child Proof Custom Vape Packaging Options at BoxLark

When it comes to custom boxes for vapes, they must be packed in child-resistant boxes. Around the globe, CR packaging is gaining ground for products that might prove to be hazardous for kids if ingested or manhandled. Vaping products are surely among those products that ask for child-resistant packaging.

Especially after the advent of vape cartridges that contain marijuana, CBD, or hemp-based products, regulatory authorities demand that proper protocols should be followed to ensure child safety. BoxLark is very conscious about ensuring child safety and we provide secure CR packaging. You can choose among various options available in the category of child-proof packaging. It may include an opening mechanism that demands two or more operations to be carried out simultaneously for the box to open. We make sure that the mechanism is complicated enough for the kids but at the same time simple enough for the elderly to understand. We follow all the standards set by relevant authorities to make sure the vaping products stay out of the reach of children. Even if they get hold of them, they won’t be able to open them.

Printing Customization Options

Child-resistant packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rely on some boring and dry-looking boxes. Your custom vape boxes can be safe and trendy at the same time. We offer a variety of customization options in printing to make sure your boxes reflect your particular taste.

Especially when it comes to colors, you have the liberty to choose any combination of your choice without having to worry about the precision of shades. Whether you like the deep and mature blue, the gunky orange, the smoky black, or the vibrant yellow, you have all the options open for you. You can choose from monochrome to 4 color shades.

Moreover, get the graphics of your choice printed on your box and let them reflect the specific identity of your brand. You can choose from offset and digital printing according to the details involved in the graphics. Besides, the additional options like embossing, raised ink, gold or silver foiling, etc. make your boxes look unique and recognizable.

In addition to that, you can go for a final coating for an extra-luxurious look. You can choose between aqueous coating, matte finish, glossy finish, and spot UV.

Customization in Design

Just like printing, the personalization options in design are unlimited at BoxLark. You can choose a design from our vast catalog and get it Personalized according to your needs and preferences. For example, get a better display for your product with the help of die-cut windows in various shapes and sizes. You can order snugly-sized slots for packing multiple vape products in the same box. Besides, features like hanging tabs can further improve the visibility of the product and increase its chances of being noticed by the customer.

At BoxLark, we make sure that we provide our customers with the most precisely fitting vape boxes. The size and shape are exactly according to the dimensions of the product. It is neither too tight nor too loose but rather provides a perfect fit for the product inside.

Stock Options for Vape Packaging Boxes

We offer a wide range of stock options for vape boxes. Whether you like unbendable rigid boxes, those made with kraft material, corrugated, cardboard, bux board, or anything else, we have all options open for you.

We offer 14pt stock, 16pt stock, 18pt stock, and 24pt stock. Moreover, we pay special attention to durability. Our boxes are strong and sturdy to protect fragile products and they won’t tear off too easily. They are especially suitable for e-commerce where the product needs to travel long distances and be handled by courier staff. We make sure it can undergo rough handling and challenges associated with shipping and transits.

The material we utilize for our packages undergoes rigorous checks and we never use low-quality material. Moreover, all the manufacturing material used for making custom boxes is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Moreover, you can also go for recycled material for your custom vape boxes and do a favor to the planet along with building your own goodwill among the customers.

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