Custom Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are a great way to showcase your items and attract customers. Moreover, they are ideal for grocery and shop owners who want to grow their businesses. With BoxLark, you can get display packaging that suits your needs and budget. You can customize your boxes with elegant prints and designs to promote your brand. Furthermore, you can choose from different styles, options, and processes to get the best packaging solution. Therefore, we can help you make the most of your display boxes.

Secret Strategy to Attract Your Clients with Custom Display Boxes

Imagine you enter a supermarket or shop. What catches your eye first? The attractive boxes display the items on the shelves, rather than the items themselves. You might ignore the plain-looking products and reach for the ones in elegant display boxes. In addition, your customers do the same thing when they visit a store. Therefore, to make them notice your brand products, you need to customize your display packaging. Thus, display boxes packaging can help you increase your sales and stand out from the crowd. In conclusion, the secret strategy is to capture your customers’ attention by offering them something different and unique with your display boxes.

Stand Out with Customizable Display Boxes

You can customize these boxes in any way you want, from the shape to the design. But the most important thing is to keep your customer’s preferences in mind. You might like a design that your customers don’t find appealing. That’s why design is a crucial step in box production. Subsequently, you should design your custom display boxes according to the trends. At BoxLark, we want to help our clients as much as we can, so we offer them 2D and 3D designs of their desired display boxes.

Additionally, you can choose the best one from 3 to 4 options and get feedback from social media. You can also share your ideas with our professional designers. Moreover, we have more than 10 years of experience in customizing display packaging and they would love to work with you. One of the examples of display boxes that we offer is pre roll boxes. These are one of the additional services that we provide as display packaging. On the whole, these boxes are perfect for displaying your pre rolled products stylishly and securely.

Showcase Your Products in Style with Our Custom Display Packaging

Do you want to showcase your products in a way that stands out from the crowd? If so, you need custom display packaging from us. We can make them for any product and occasion, such as bath bombs, pre rolled products, cosmetics, jewelry, and more. Here are some of the benefits of our display boxes:

  • Affordable: You don’t have to break the bank to get them.
  • Customizable: You can pick the size, shape, and design that matches your vision.
  • Ecofriendly: They use materials that are friendly to the environment.
  • Informative: You can print your ads and product details on them to catch the eye of customers.

How BoxLark Helps You with Display Boxes?

You are our respected customer and we want to know your display box needs. First, you tell us what you want and our design experts at our company can create awesome, fresh, and attractive customizations for your product packaging. Then, you don’t have to worry about designing because we make it very easy for you. Finally, you share any cool idea and our experts make the designs you want.

Here are the ways we help you with custom display boxes:

Striking Printing Choices for Custom Boxes

BoxLark gives you a wide range of customization options to make your display boxes wholesale stand out. Furthermore, you can choose them according to your preferences. Some of the effective customization options by our company are:

Embossing & Debossing on Display Packaging

To enhance your display box printing to the next level, you could use these two options. Embossing or debossing your brand name and logo on the packaging surface is one option. In this technique, you could either push your text into the packaging board or pull it a little bit outward. As a result, it would make your important words more visible and look professional.

Surface Coatings and Laminations

The coating is a great way to make your wholesale display boxes’ surface smoother and shiny. In this service, we make the rough surface of the cardboard flatter and smoother. Some of the popular types of coatings are:

  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Gloss AQ
  • Matte UV
  • Gloss UV
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling

High-Quality Printing

Printing is the most crucial task that needs the latest equipment and special techniques to do. BoxLark provides you with digital and offsets printing services that you can choose according to your needs and requirements. Both printing methods use CMYK and PMS colors to create high-quality printed designs that are fit for advanced, high-quality printing for your display packaging. However, the main factors that make clients choose one over another are usually printing project volume and business needs. Therefore, we provide the best printed display boxes for you.

Maximize Sales Impact with Eye-Catching Display Packaging

Your product’s success depends on display packaging that suit its size, weight, and category. However, many people choose display packaging boxes without considering their product’s specific packaging needs. This can lead to poor presentation, low visibility, and lost sales. Additionally, at our company, we offer customized display boxes that match your product’s features and benefits. Moreover, we tailor our display packaging boxes to your product’s size and weight.

We also design them to showcase your product’s features and brand image. Our display boxes are high-quality and eco-friendly. Besides, we offer cosmetic display boxes for beauty products. Our custom display boxes are easy to assemble and transport. By choosing our display boxes, you can avoid common mistakes when buying display boxes and ensure that your product stands out from the competition. Contact us today to get a free quote and a sample of our display packaging.

Free Shipment Services

We can deliver your display packaging to your doorstep anywhere in the world. It takes only 9-10 working days. Moreover, our regular buyers enjoy free delivery. So, if you need your boxes faster, you can subscribe to our quick delivery service. Then, you will get your boxes in 3-4 days. In addition, we have a fast turnaround time. We can process your orders quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Available Call Representatives

If you have any questions or doubts about ordering your display boxes or any of our services, you can contact our call representatives at any time. At BoxLark, we are happy to assist you in the best way possible. Thus, call us at (347) 480-2020 or mail us at We hope it would help!

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