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Get High-Quality Custom CBD Packaging Boxes

If you are looking for the cheapest custom CBD packaging boxes with the highest quality, BoxLark provides the finest quality boxes at the most reasonable rates. Get the most alluring and safest child-resistant boxes made with the sturdiest material. We offer an array of design options and we cater to the needs of both the retailers and wholesalers.

CBD: The Short Form of Cannabidiol

CBD, the short form of cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid compound found in cannabis plants. It has recently gained popularity as a wonder compound due to its potential benefits for the human body. Although the research on its benefits is still in its initial stage and a lot more still needs to be explored, a huge number of masses have started using the CBD-based products already. It is obtained mostly from the hemp plant although marijuana is also abundant in CBD. Marijuana and hemp both belong to the cannabis genre of plants but the former is also abundant in another cannabinoid called THC. This cousin of CBD is known for its ability to affect the psychological state of mind. It can create a high or alter our state of mind. It is because of this intoxicating effect of THC that marijuana is banned in many parts of the world. Hence, hemp is the primary source of CBD because contains little or no THC and hence one can benefit from CBD without getting high.

CBD is thought to improve the overall homeostasis of our body. It is being used for its capability to relieve chronic pain and improves heart health and overall brain functioning. Moreover, it is used in cosmetics and massage oils for treating various skin conditions and rejuvenating the skin.

CBD has suddenly become an important part of our everyday life and it is seen everywhere in one form or another. There is an array of products containing CBD. These include sleep aid medicines, CBD sublingual sprays, anti-epilepsy medicines, supplements, soaps, shampoos, massage oils, lozenges, cereals, and even makeup items containing CBD. And this is not all. Innumerable CBD brands are coming up with new CBD products with every passing day and the trend doesn’t seem to fade away in the near future. It is actually on the rise. Every CBD company is trying to compete by providing a comprehensive branding experience. This is done by presenting the products in packaging as alluring as possible. The packaging today is as important as the quality of the product itself. It is an investment worth every penny.

BoxLark Provides the Most Exquisite Child Resistant CBD Packaging

Where CBD might abundantly benefit the human body, CBD-based products can be potentially hazardous for young ones if ingested. In order to ensure the safety of the kids and make sure your packaging meets the highest standards of health and safety we offer the highest quality child-resistant packaging. Child-proof packaging is proof of your concern for the concern for every member of the community including the little people around you. Moreover, it reflects the highest values your company pursues in the business. Hence, child-resistant packaging is a great way of establishing goodwill among your customers.

BoxLark provides a variety of options within child-resistant packaging. There can be several different mechanisms to ensure that the contents of the box are inaccessible for the kids. It may involve a couple of operations to be performed together for the packaging to open. For example, you may need to press a button on each side of the package simultaneously. Or it may involve sliding trays that cannot be pulled out easily by the little ones.

At BoxLark, we make sure that the child-resistant packaging is difficult for the kids to open but at the same time, our product is simple enough for the seniors to open. Moreover, our child-resistant packaging is not only safe but also stylish. It is as customizable as any other regular packaging and can be custom printed to look unique and professional. Moreover, it can be made in any size and design of your choice and finished in a coating of your choice.

Benefit from the Sturdiest Stock with Great Variations in Design

When it comes to CBD box design, we offer innumerable options. You can select between a huge range of custom CBD packaging whether it is CBD boxes or CBD packaging bags. Depending upon the nature of the product, you can get tailor-made and custom-printed CBD boxes.

Moreover, we have a variety of stock options to cater to your needs. We offer 12pt cardboard stock to 24pt cardboard stock. Moreover, you can choose between recycled bux board, eco-Kraft material, cardstock, and e-flute corrugated.

At BoxLark, we are well aware of how important the factor of durability is. Especially in this era of the increasing trend of e-commerce, the commodities have to travel a bit if distance before they reach their destination. Hence, we always make sure that our CBD packaging is sturdy enough to bear the rough handling by courier staff and the challenges posed by long transits. Our boxes won’t lose shape easily and provide maximum protection to the product inside.

We Entertain wholesalers and Retailers Alike

Whether you are a retailer or a big wholesaler, we are committed to providing the highest quality services to every sort of business. We cater to your specific needs in the best possible way and we ensure that you get the best value for your money. Just like big wholesale cbd businesses, we entertain the small retailers and the freshers who are trying to get themselves established on sound footing. We share your enthusiasm and understand your struggle in a highly competitive market. That is the reason we extend our support as your reliable packaging partner to make sure that you get a great start and begin to fly high as soon as possible.

To show our support for retailers, we are open to accept orders as small as just 100 boxes. However, irrespective of your order size, we always strive to provide you with the highest quality boxes printed and designed with dedication to radiate professionalism. Moreover, for both the retailers and wholesalers we offer free delivery across the country. The facility of free design support is also open to everyone. Besides, our overall reasonable prices make sure that you spend as little as possible on the packaging and are hence able to offer lower prices to your customers. Hence you provide them with the best value for their money.

Get the Free Mock Up before Your Final Order

In order to build trust among our customers for the quality of our packaging, we offer free 3D or flat samples. This is to ensure that we always stay above board in our dealings. These mock-ups provide our customers with proof of our hard work and dedication. It provides you with a final picture of how your box will look like.

Besides, you can also order a physical sample. It will allow you to actually place the product inside and have an idea about the shape and size of the box. Moreover, it will allow us to have a look at the final finishing. A sample allows you to make the last changes in the design, shape, size, or printing before you place a final order with us.

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